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Are youV curious?

Are you curious about vegan food or just simply tired of the same boring salad or wrap every single day?


Be amazed at the joy our cuisine has to offer you. Engage all your senses by savouring each bite, smell the aroma of what is on your plate, slow down to be present and mindfully eating. Regardless if you are a hero at home or work, you and your family deserve to be nourished by energizing, colourful and mouthwatering plant-based food.


Are you curious?

Are you curious about Italian food or are you just tired of the usual dinner at a restaurant?

Host your next dinner party with a private chef! Multi-course meals, family-style buffets, grazing boards or small hors d'oeuvre plates are professionally made in the comfort of your own home. We can also provide bartenders and servers if needed for your event. We are able to cater dinner parties in Toronto and all across Ontario.

What We Do?

The most important thing… What do you like to eat? We start by having an initial conversation and reviewing your current diet, allergies, goals, palate, and personal preferences or any particular flavour that you dislike.  We work together to find a menu that works best for you and your needs. Then we proceed to set our dinner date.


We send days after our dinner-date a draft of the final menu. Upon approval of your custom-made menu, we will confirm and book your service date.


The day of our cook appointment, the Cucinaathome's chef and his team will arrive at your place with grocery and previously hand selected, fresh ingredients, always of the best available quality.

They will be committed to prepare all your desired dishes, while you will comfortably enjoy time with your friends and loved ones without worries. Our team, in fact will take care of everything on your behalf.                    


Your ultimate satisfaction is all that matters to us... 

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